Leak detection system

Protecting soil and groundwater

ELD inspects and monitors sealing layers in civil engineering, such as landfills, storage and process areas, as well as various types of ponds. Our service and systems are required, when a leak in the geomembrane is no option.


We specialize in ensuring the quality of geomembranes to effectively minimize environmental impacts. We place great emphasis on working closely with our clients and establishing partnerships that go beyond mere transactional interactions. These collaborations serve as the foundation for realizing new projects and enable sustainable cooperation.


With a solid expertise built on over 25 years of experience and the application of state-of-the-art measurement methods, we are constantly striving to improve our technology. This allows us to offer both technically and economically compelling services.

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Monitoring of sealing layers

In order to assess and maintain the secure functioning of a geomembrane, ELD provides reliable information about its condition. Only through direct and comprehensive monitoring of the sealing layer damages from the construction phase can be repaired promptly and with minimal effort. Construction services can be safely accepted, and the facility can operate reliably.

Permanently installed measuring systems

Contacts for measurements are permanently installed under the sealing layer. This allows for the monitoring of sealing layers even during operation with different coverings.

The advantages of permanent monitoring of seals include:

  • Quick and cost-effective execution of measurements
  • Measurements can be taken with different coverings and in nearly any weather condition
  • Damages from the construction phase are detected early
  • Repairs can be carried out on short notice with minimal effort
  • No leakage of liquids into the ground
  • Protection of ground and ground water
  • Prevention of stability hazards

Mobile leakage detection

Mobile leakage detection, like the permanently installed systems, involves electrical measurement methods. These methods do not require pre-installed cables and can thus be used with existing sealing systems. The following are particularly tested:

  • Exposed geomembranes
  • Sealing layers with minimal coverings up to 60 cm
  • Water ponds


Electrical leak detection, whether as a permanently installed system or as a one-time measurement, is particularly used in:

  • Landfill base sealing systems and cappings
  • Ponds (leachate ponds, industrial storage ponds, golf ponds, and more)
  • Storage, handling, and filling areas for hazardous materials
  • Tailing dams, Leach pads and Ponds in the mining industry

With our systems we help our clients to

  • Protect the ground and ground water
  • Save valuable goods
  • Protect the stability of dams