Reference 04

Base sealing of landfill 1

Landfill Description:
This long-operating landfill spans decades and covers a total area of several hundred thousand square meters. It exclusively receives residues and waste generated from production processes.

The operator ensures that no uncontrolled leachate discharge occurs from the landfill due to potentially undetected leaks into groundwater.

The overarching goal is to ensure demonstrably tight sealing of the landfill. Through regular measurements in the initial deposition phases, any leaks are to be promptly detected and repaired to secure the long-term integrity of the landfill system.

ELD Contribution:
ELD's contribution includes a fixed cable system installed beneath the plastic liner in multiple landfill phases, enabling continuous leak detection. This measurement technology allows for precise localization of potential leaks. We can thus ensure not only effective leak detection but also proactive repair in the early stages of the deposition phases, minimizing potential environmental impacts.