Reference 01

Water reservoirs for irrigation

Description of the Basin:
The basin serves as a reservoir for rainwater collected from the roof of a greenhouse spanning 60 hectares. Its purpose is to provide water for irrigation.

Shortly after the construction of the basin, a dam failure occurred, likely due to a leakage, leading to costly and undesired flooding. To prevent such an event from happening again and to ensure the complete integrity of the entire basin, the operator has decided to have the basin inspected for potential leaks.

The primary objective is the detection and repair of any existing leaks, as well as ensuring the stability of the basin's dams. These measures aim not only to optimize the functionality of the basin but also to minimize the risk of uncontrolled water releases.

ELD Contribution:
To achieve this goal, ELD employed its mobile measurement technology for filled basins. The specialized measuring cable is moved at predefined positions in the water to conduct a thorough leak inspection. This precise technology enables the exact localization of leaks, facilitating targeted repairs. ELD's contribution extends beyond effective monitoring; it ensures the safety and functionality of the basin, which is crucial for the operator and the surrounding environment.