Reference 03

Storage basins at the potato starch factory

Description of the Basin:
During potato starch production, potato fruit water is generated, which is collected outside the vegetation phase in a specially designed basin with a capacity of 120,000 cubic meters.

Ensuring controlled drainage without any risk from potentially undetected leaks into groundwater is the focus of operator efforts.

The overarching goal is to guarantee a demonstrably watertight basin. Any leaks identified after draining the potato fruit water in the spring should be promptly and precisely repaired to preserve the integrity of the system.

ELD Contribution:
Our contribution from ELD focuses on the precise localization of potential leaks. We employ mobile measurement technology for filled basins. The measuring cable is moved purposefully at predefined positions in the water, and any detected leaks are meticulously pinpointed. This approach not only enables efficient identification of potential weak points in the basin but also allows for prompt and precise repair if needed. Through these measures, we ensure not only the safety of the basin but also contribute to sustainable operations and environmental conservation by minimizing potential environmental impacts early on.