The fixed leak detection installed system

Our measurement method ensures full surface and reliable monitoring of the geomembrane. The measurements are largely independent of the load or ongoing work above the sealing system. Even during ongoing construction , we can conduct precise analyses without compromising on safety or accuracy. Any damages to the geomembrane are precisely located using our electric leak detection..


The necessary cable technology is integrated during the construction of the sealing system, ensuring smooth operation.


Optionally, the measurement on the measuring cables can be automatically conducted via a web server. This innovative option not only increases the efficiency of monitoring but also allows for timely evaluation of measurement results through a user-friendly platform. With this advanced technology, we offer not only the highest precision in sealing monitoring but also a convenient and contemporary handling of measurement processes.

Measurement principle

It is an electrical measurement method. An electrical signal is generated on one side of the geomembrane, while a measurement is simultaneously conducted on the other side. Since the geomembrane itself is electrically insulating, the signal can only be detected on the measurement side in case of damage.

Measurement cables with measuring electrodes

Simple and durable

The durability of the installed cable technology is very high, spanning several decades. The chemical stability is extremely high, due to the choosen materials, even in challenging environments. Cables and measurement points are extremely robust and adapted to the stresses in underground construction. The cables have an elongation capability of over 10% and can thus withstand local settlements without damage.

Installation of the system

The measuring cables of the system are installed before the installation of the geo membrane. These are unrolled in parallel at intervals of several meters.

Due to the complete prefabrication of the cables, this work can also be carried out by the installer of the geomembrane or the construction company without disrupting the construction process.


The system can be operated in different modes according to requirements. Single measurements can be conducted as part of the preventive maintenance program. For stricter standards, measurements can be performed permanently via a web server allowing faster reaction times.

Analysis and Visualization

The results are clear and can be presented transparently and comprehensibly. Leakages are made visible and precisely located.


Due to the electrical measurement principle, the geomembrane is monitored full-surface for the smallest leaks.

The accuracy of the localization is significantly better than the chosen electrode spacing due to interpolation.

Leakage or damage

Regardless of the size of the leakage or damage to the geomembrane, our highly precise measurement method allows for the exact localization of even small cracks. Through this approach, we ensure that small defects are discovered fast and can be addressed to ensure the integrity of the sealing and minimize potential environmental impacts, solution losses and stability risks.

Mobile leakage detection

Mobile leakage detection is also an electrical method that utilizes the electrically insulating properties of the plastic sealing membrane. During the measurement, the electrical contact formed as a result of damage to the underside of the plastic sealing membrane is detected. These methods do not require pre-installed cables and can therefore be used with existing seals.

Selection of the method

In general, methods are distinguished for open and already covered plastic sealing membranes. However, it should be noted that many damages occur only when the plastic sealing membranes are covered with drainage and protective layers, and are rarely attributable to faulty installation of the membranes. For this reason, it is hardly sensible to test open plastic seals that are yet to be covered.

ELD is happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate measurement method.

Measurement on exposed plastic sealing membranes

The measurement is performed using a high-voltage broom. When the broom comes into contact with a leakage, a current flows that is detected by the measuring device. An alarm signal sounds, and the measurement technician marks the leakage.

Helpful for this measurement are plastic sealing membranes with an electrically conductive underside, as unloaded membranes typically do not fully contact the substrate, potentially resulting in insufficient electrical contact between the leakage and the ground.

Typical applications include open basins that are not covered.

Measurement on covered plastic sealing membranes

The measurement is conducted on the top side of the cover. The method is internationally known as Di-Pole measurement and has an ASTM standard. The reliability of the measurement depends not only on the technician's experience but also on details such as the height of the cover, the layering structure, and other factors that influence the quality of the result.

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