Leak detection system

pond landfill and mining

The measurement method enables comprehensive and secure monitoring of the geomembranes.

Measurements are fast and largely independent of the load or ongoing work above the sealing system. The detection of defects is very precise, and inspection is always advisable to ensure a secure sealing layer. This makes our system an important part of the preventive maintenance.


Geomembranes are fully electrically testable and can be permanently monitored even during operation. In principle, all sealing systems based on PE can be tested and monitored by ELD.


As part of the quotation process, ELD conducts an examination of the relevant technical conditions for monitoring and optimally designs the system or measurements.

Landfill base sealings systems

The base sealing system of landfills go through several phases from the installation of the geomembrane to the meter-high covering with waste. These periods can last for years for individual sections, during which the sealing layer may become damaged. When tested regulary during these initial phases, repairs can be carried out with minimal efforts.

Parts of a landfill that are finallycovered by meters of waste are not easily accessible for repairs. Still experience teaches us, that it is good to have the option for testing the sealing system. The operator can restore trust in the facility e. g. after a fire in the landfill.


Ponds often need to be watertight for environmental protection reasons. However, it can also be important to prevent valuable water, for example, from leaking unnoticed into the ground. Despite the variety of ponds, the technical solutions for monitoring are the same.

For permanent monitoring of the basin, a measuring cable should be installed during the construction of the basin. This simple measure significantly simplifies testing for acceptance and monitoring during operation. If no measuring cable is present, leakage measurements can still be conducted on existing ponds, even when filled.

Landfill cappings

Cappings are typically protected by only a 1-meter-thick mineral layer for decades. Permanent monitoring layer increases the reliability of the sealing and the confidence in the landfill.Especially in the case of subsequent land use, the operator benefits from the monitoring system. Repairs are always possible with manageable effort when the location of a damage is precisely known.


Dams are particularly constructed in mining industry to create large reservoirs. Undetected damages, can cause inner erosion , leading to a risk to stability. Through regular monitoring and, if necessary, repair of damages, especially during and shortly after construction, this risk can be significantly minimized.

The services provided by ELD


ELD supports in the planning phase, allowing for the early integration of a monitoring system into the construction of the sealing system. Contact us to speak about the options for electric leak detection in your project


The implementation of a construction project or service is carried out in close coordination with our client and the construction company. For permanently installed systems, we deliver the prefabricated measuring cables to the construction site. The prefabrication allows for the installation of the cables to be mostly carried out by the installer of the plastic sealing geomembrane.

Measurements, Monitoring

  • Measurement on exposed geomembranes
  • Measurement on covered geomembranes
  • Measurement on filled ponds
  • Maintenance of automatic measuring systems

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