About us

Founded in 2013 as a Management Buyout (MBO) in Berlin (Germany), ELD has evolved over the years into a specialist in the testing and permanent monitoring of geomembranes. We bring more than 25 years of experience in this field. Our technology finds broad application in earthbound sealing systems of ponds and landfills, making a significant contribution to ensuring reliable waterproofing systems in underground construction.


ELD's overarching goal is to continuously develop the technology and make it globally accessible. We rely on reliable collaborations with other companies and experts to drive innovative solutions and optimize proven procedures.


Annually, we conduct measurements on areas spanning several hundred thousand square meters. This not only underscores our capabilities but also the trust that customers place in us when it comes to the safety and lifespan of their facility. Our leakage detection significantly contributes to ensuring that geo membranes in underground construction offer permanently reliable sealing systems.

The services provided by ELD include:

  • Comprehensive monitoring: ELD offers comprehensive monitoring of ponds landfills and dams using state of the art measurement methods.
  • Fast and precise measurements: The measurements are quick and precise, enabling efficient monitoring.
  • Independence from external influences: The measurement methods are largely independent of external influences such as load or ongoing work.
  • Early detection of damages: Regular monitoring allows for the early detection of damages, reducing the risk of polluntion, liquid losses and stability problems.
  • Optimization of repair measures: The precise localization of damages enables targeted and efficient repairs, minimizing costs and effort.
  • Adaptation to various applications: ELD's monitoring systems are suitable for various applications, from landfills to ponds and dams.
  • Consultation and planning: ELD offers consulting and planning services for the optimal design and implementation of monitoring systems.

Please feel free to contact us via the contact form for inquiries or call us directly at

Phone: +49 (0)30 887 00 380.