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Base sealing of landfill 2

Description of the Landfill:
The landfill, consisting of multiple phases, is in a constant expansion process. Within its total area, residues and waste from production processes as well as mineral waste are deposited.

Ensuring controlled drainage without potential leachate seepage into groundwater due to potentially undetected leaks is a central task of the operator.

The objective is to ensure demonstrably tight sealing of the landfill. Through regular measurements in the early deposition phases, identified leaks are to be promptly recognized and, if necessary, repaired to ensure the long-term integrity of the landfill system.

ELD Contribution:
Our contribution from ELD includes a fixed installed cable system, located beneath the plastic liner in multiple landfill phases, serving to check for leaks. This measurement technology enables precise localization of potential leaks. By integrating this technology, we can not only ensure effective leak detection but also proactive repair in the early stages of deposition phases. This minimizes potential environmental impacts and actively contributes to the sustainable operation of the landfill.