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Airport storage basins

Description of the Basin:
The basin was designed to efficiently collect and store rainwater from the airfield's apron. With a capacity of approximately 100,000 cubic meters, it constitutes significant infrastructure.

The basin serves to store rainwater, which may be mixed with de-icing agents. There is legitimate concern that this mixture could potentially seep into groundwater through unnoticed leaks.

The implementation of careful leakage monitoring aims to demonstrably ensure that the basin's sealing is absolutely intact. This protective mechanism enhances confidence in the overall functionality of the basin and minimizes potential environmental risks.

ELD Contribution:
To meet these requirements, ELD has implemented a fixed cable system with 12 measuring cables beneath the plastic liner. This state-of-the-art system allows for precise and continuous leak detection. By integrating this technology, ELD makes a significant contribution to the safety and functionality of the basin. This proactive approach underscores our commitment to effective solutions in the realm of sealing monitoring and fosters trust in the sustainability of our infrastructures.