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Reference 06

Leachate basin

Description of the Leachate Basin
The leachate basin, associated with a landfill, features a sealing system comprised of a layer of clay combined with a 2.5 mm thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner.

The primary responsibility of the operator is to ensure that no leachate escapes uncontrollably from the entire landfill facility. Monitoring of the leachate basin is conducted promptly.

ELD Solution:
ELD has implemented a permanent monitoring system for effective surveillance. An automatically measuring facility has been installed, operated via a web server. The client has access to a user-friendly frontend, continuously displaying the integrity status of the basin.

In the event of a leakage, an alarm is triggered automatically. This advanced solution ensures real-time monitoring of the leachate basin, enabling early detection of leaks and significantly contributing to the safety and integrity of the landfill facility.